Eric Laurent Update! New Content & More!

Back in April, we did a review on the music up and coming artist Eric Laurent was producing! We talked about how relentless he was at getting better at his craft and the story has been the same! He’s back at it! Bringing in some features, this time bringing the darkness back to his music!

He seems to enjoy having features on his newer tracks and he’s grown even more so in finding his “voice” that he’s been working on! The beat selection and overall vibe for each song he’s created has gotten better! Since our last reviews, he’s released two more tracks!

“Lifeline” was the first track he released since we’ve last reviewed him! This was a song that provided a vibe and you can really feel how much more comfortable he is with his voice! Just like his newest track “Anguish”, the beat selection and versatility to reach two different sides of the spectrum! The softness and/or darkness! The journey and wide variety of potential for what’s next is intriguing! Feel free to give both a listen below!

I’d asked Lauren for a comment on the sound change as compared to his older tracks;

The only comment I could say is I am still in love, there will be more love songs like Lifeline and the KAE album. But my heart and mind is set on making the darker sounding stuff like Anguish. I am going to keep pushing Lifeline and there is a small chance that there is an AMV in the works for it, but I am going to prioritize the anguish promo since that is more directed to the audience I want to attract.

I’ve been all over the place with the sounds and style of my music. I need to put some walls and zone in to the more specific stuff so I can target new listeners better that i know will stick around for the long run. As for teasers, I’m not one to share the audio to upcoming songs but I promise you there is a lot in the works. Some features and more solo songs. I am working on an EP with a producer named EASTx808 and me and Tommy $ins are also talking about doing more songs together.

Eric Lauren

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