UA The Duo: Demanding Greatness!

There has been a common theme with the artists’ that I’ve reviewed. I often get many up and coming artists’ in the DM requesting that I write up a review for their latest project. If I had the time, I’d review everyone, but when I’m someone who is an up and comer myself, you have to pick which to roll with. This is where you begin looking at the artists’ with the most hunger and those that appear to be the most serious about their craft. This is where UA The Duo steps in.

Everyone can practice and learn to get better in any aspect of life, but you can’t teach passion and dedication for your work. Not everyone is out to make their community and those around them better in the process. This is where the person behind the music and the growth shines. I’d recommend you follow UA The Duo’s Instagram page so you can get a simple glimpse at exactly what I’m talking about.

I was granted the honor of being able to listen to their latest project a few days early and simply put, the Duo has been in the Lab Cookin. Their latest EP dubbed, “Smoke Break (Side A)” gives a quick glimpse at their potential and overall talent for the industry. This is something they really hoped to accomplish.

They are always working and always looking to improve. I asked them where that drive comes from and they responded with:

The drive & motivation comes from not wanting our talent to go to waste , we really feel that staying consistent and finding new ways to better ourselves is the best way to truly expand.

We get our drive from our family history of music making and a big motivation is the passing of our cousin/brother Tony Gee, we just want make sure we get to a place where we can take care of our family financially.

This isn’t just a hobby for them, they are looking and seeking for greatness overall. They credit legends such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia & more as their influences which makes sense. You can hear some of the influence from the OGs in their music, but they aimed to prove with this EP that you really can’t put them in a box. They will provide a variety of sound types and music styles in their time.

You will quickly feel their drive in the tracks released. Personally, while all are great the one that really stood out was, “This Way”, which is the third track on the EP. The beat selection was great on the project overall and is a great introduction to the Duo. They even put together a music video for “Lab Cookin”, which was great. They aren’t looking to seek the easiest way to release an EP they are looking to maximize all the resources and efforts available to them to find the very best way to do so.

I’d recommend you check them out and join the movement, because take off is clearly near for UA The Duo! Follow them on all their links below and special thanks to them for talking to me and allowing me to put together this review for them!

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