Why Review Lyfe? Because All Things Work Best Together

Those in my circle tend to ask the question. Why don’t I use ReviewLyfe to review big time artists? It’s a fair question. Those articles are likely to generate more interest and who knows? Maybe the top artist retweets an article at some point? I strongly considered it and who knows? If I feel like an album strongly enough, maybe I’ll come in and review that established artist.

But let’s be real. These artists already have their entourage. They have their circles that they came up with and are set there. The likelihood of being a critical part of one of those is slim, even if you may be on friendly terms with the artist.

I think it’s much more meaningful and impactful to join forces with your community and create your own circle and entourage. Individually, we’re all individual start ups. Together we create an organization moving in all different areas and parts of the world. Together we push each other to grow and use all our strengths, so with that, we can do absolutely anything!

We are meant to build together. The great thing about us is that we are still growing. There’s no doubt that this rocket is going to take off and make it to the moon. Get on-board now and be a part of something that will make us an organization together.

If I’m the one to make it or not, I’ll never forget the people in my life at this very moment and I’m hoping that the same would be said about me.

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