DJ Young Nick: Chasing His Dream; Won’t Let Up

When Nick Davidson was a young child, he fell in love with music. His family would often throw parties where his older brother would DJ for the family, knowing exactly what sounds to play to keep it going. He would watch how excited his family would get and how positive of a time everyone was having, that’s when he realized his love was for more than just listening to music himself.

Looking up to his older brother that day would plant a seed in his mind that wouldn’t go away. He’d later begin looking up to DJ’s like DJ Camilo, DJ Spinking, DJ Self and DJ Envy. He realized this was what we wanted to do too. So, at just a young age he began learning an art that he’d plan to commit to for the rest of his life. Whether there were 100 people listening to his work or whether he was the only one in the room didn’t effect his passion or his drive to be great at what he does.

That’s the trait that anyone can see when you follow him on Instagram or Twitch and catch one of his streams. He’s throwing a weekly party reminiscent of the parties that takes him back to being a child and listening to his brother distribute positive energy amongst his family.

The growth over the course of future is inevitable for DJ Young Nick. As someone that went to school with him as a kid, I’ve always known him to be a DJ. It’s been his dream. It takes most until college or later sometimes to figure out what it is that they truly want to do with their life, but for Nick, it’s been clear from day one.

He’s hoping to eventually be able to host festivals like Hot 97 Summer Jam in the future, but one truth will remain true, he will continue honing his craft and getting better with each stream and with each session. He’s also happy to play songs of up and coming artists. If you want to have your song played on one of his streams, be sure to follow him at one of his social links below!

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