Explained: Is It Legit? Safe?

If you love reading sports articles, there’s a solid chance that you’ve come across a sports article that has a mini-survey on it asking you to make a prediction regarding the topic you are reading. You may have answered the survey and then see the prompt to enter your phone number. Some may have the question whether or not that will lead to unsolicited phone calls or some sort of scam of some sort.

Rest assured, PlayPickUp is ran and backed by credible sports website and writers, including former personnel of BleacherReport. It’s a relatively newer site, but you would be best suited to try and rack up points while you can. The points you rack up when you predict correct can go towards one of their rewards on the site. Currently there aren’t many rewards, but they are bound to grow and you would be best suited to have the points ready to make those redemptions.

Not to mention, you can test your sports knowledge and see how often you’re correct regarding a topic. That said, yes. PlayPickUp is legit and safe. It’s fun too! Good luck!

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