BitMart: How To Convert Your Bitcoin To Buy Safemoon, Shibs, Dogecoin & More!

2021 has been the year to revitalize the stock market, but more precisely the crypto market. Nearly everyone has at least heard of Bitcoin, while many heading into this year had no idea what it even was! Some have called it a scam in the past, others believed it was some sort of birthchild of the darknet. In actuality, it’s truly just a currency. Well, it’s not anymore. Now it is a goldmine with ONE Bitcoin hovering over $50,000 at the time of this writing. That’s a major jump from the .25 cents it was worth a decade ago.

Naturally, there are lots of heart-aches from the people, such as myself who missed out on life-changing dollars. But the people have taken the initiative to seek out the next Bitcoin. Other cryptos such as Ethereum and Litecoin have followed Bitcoin, while ETH is worth nearly $4,000, with Litecoin being a few hundred dollars worth in value. Those cryptos are absolutely worth doing your research and looking into. For some, these cryptos have given them capital gain that has held them through the pandemic, while others may have lost a bit. The room for growth on the three major cryptos is limited for middle to lower class individuals such as myself.

And then Dogecoin started stealing some of the spotlight. A crypto that was hovering over half a cent and met by much criticism and was believed to have been a meme coin has given international hope. Over the past three months from this writing, Dogecoin has grown a substantial 739% and is still worth just under a dollar. A reality that once seemed like a pipe-dream has made different folk millionaire. I am NOT a financial advisor, but I’d strongly suggest doing your research on Dogecoin movement. If you want to really have full coverage of Dogecoin, I’d recommend visiting Matt Wallace’s youtube channel as he has done a wonderful job documenting the journey and providing extra insight on the coin.

Given the major success of Dogecoin over the past few months, the people have been searching for the next Dogecoin. There are several cryptos that are under half a cent such as Safemoon, Shibs and more! But, I, like many have been using Robinhood which doesn’t support any of those Cryptos mentioned, as well as many others

Creating A Bitmart Account

Creating a Bitmart account is simple enough. There’s no wait time for making your account and I wasn’t prompted to give any personal information and was able to get right to business. If you decide to download it, feel free to use my referral code: fUXXdK.

Where things could get confusing for people that are new to the game, is when you try to deposit money into your account to get to buying those cryptos. Explaining it isn’t the easiest thing, but the process is! You will need to transfer crypto from your current crypto wallet (Robinhood is not a crypto wallet) such as Coinbase. If you don’t have an account, you will want to make one and then transfer money to your Coinbase or other crypto wallet, so you can then send money to your Bitmart or account. After you do this, you will be able to take part in the crypto playground!

Getting Your Bitmart Address

In order to send money to your Bitcoin account, you will need to obtain your Bitcoin address or QR code.

  • Once you enter Bitmart, you will want to click the quick menu in the top right corner, usually a person silhouette of a person or like a profile button.
  • Select Deposit
  • You will need to select the Crypto that you purchased on Coinbase and want to transfer to Bitmart
  • Copy the address provided or write it down and keep it. More on that later.

Sending Money From Coinbase to Bitmart: Step By Step

  • Open up your Coinbase account and click on the double arrows or quick menu, depending on what type of phone you have and click “SEND CRYPTO TO ANOTHER WALLET”
  • You will then see your assets where you have purchased. (You will need to put your money into Bitcoin or a different crypto in order to see where you can transfer your coins from)
  • Place the dollar amount you want to send to Bitmart and press continue.
  • You will be given the option to send to a friend or someone in your friends list, just select not now.
  • Now PASTE the address you copied from Bitmart and send!
  • My transfer took about 15 minutes, but don’t panic if it takes longer!
  • Once the transfer is completed, you may now sell off the Bitcoin or other crypto transferred and then you may purchase Safemoon, Shibs, Dogecoin and more!

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