Music: Eric Laurent Offers a Lyrical Journey

Eric Laurent is a 26 year old, Canadian aspiring music artist. Laurent publicly dipped his hands into the music scene just a year ago and hasn’t wasted any time getting his feet wet. He’s already released ten tracks so far. The first of his songs that I heard was “Kae”, where he honors his girlfriend to go along with four more tracks on an EP aimed in the theme of love. The song was definitely heartfelt. Even more so for her, as Laurent would wait to release the track on her birthday.

All of the tracks are breath of fresh air from an artist just dipping his feet in the industry. They are personal, with lyrics that are real and authentic. There are bound be some areas to improve from a artist freshly introduced into the scene, which Laurent has admitted he’s learning as he goes and is still looking to find his sound in music. That is a really good mentality to have. He has talent, but is conscious of the fact that he has to stay on his toes and keep growing, just like any of us in any field.

After hearing the rest of his EP after Kae, I thought I had him and his style figured out. Then he directed me to listen to “Kill Station.” Things wound up going in a completely different and darker direction. He showed another element to his content with a much more aggressive toned track. He said its a lot different than his “Kae” song, but is more so the theme he is leaning toward when describing his music. The song is as he described, “cinematic, aggressive with emotion.” That’s one similarity that could be tied together when hearing all of his music.

Laurent offers up a journey to take. He will continue to work hard and improve until he finds that perfect sound. In the meantime, he will continue working at becoming a Mastering Engineer full time. I highly recommend to check out his music from the playlist (NSFW Warning) and offer your own feedback to his Instagram link below!

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