Music: Aspiring Artist’ JohnH20’s Debut Single

JohnH20 is a 24 year old, aspiring rapping from Nigeria. He’s currently a student studying animal science and continues to remain motivated, but he remains hopeful to ultimately catch a big break in the music industry. He expresses that for him, it’s not about the money or the fame, but more about the escape that music provides him. He is hopeful that his music could reflect his own ambitions and provide his listeners an escape the hardships of the world, just as he does.

He currently has just that single released and available for listening, but noted that he is working on releasing more content quite soon. His song “Balling” is quite interesting for a debut song. For someone as young to the industry as he is, he certainly has an ear for what sounds good. The chorus is extremely catchy and could motivate anyone to do just about anything. He provides a little bit on the lyrics side as well, just really expressing essentially what he told me.

He can hear the success calling him one way or another, now he just has to fight for it and make it work. There’s certainly more substance and “ring” to this track than many others both at his level, along with even some mainstream artists. If he can continue to build on this type of quality going forward, it won’t be too long before you start seeing JohnH20 trending on Audiomack and hopefully Spotify soon.

Thank you JohnH20 for allowing me to review your song! I hope our readers enjoy it just the same. Be sure to check out his social media links and give any feedback you may have for him below!

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